The Miniatures

Miniatures related activities fall into two categories:

  • You can just stop in to visit the museum collection. Allow 30-0 minutes for your visit depending on how serious an enthusiast you are. You may wish to combine your visit with a trip to the nearby caves (Les Grottes de Saulges), a walk along the river Erve, or a lunch at the Restaurant Le Canyon, all of which are just a 5 min walk away.
  • You can organise to stay here with a group for a weekend or a week. Perhaps you would like to come with your miniatures club or a group of like-minded friends and have a workshop here. We can provide full or partial catering as required and recommend local restaurants. Or perhaps you would just like to make Le Domain des Hallais the centre for your vacation with family or friends. Visit our sister site for further details of the accomodation and things to do in the area.

The museum
The Mayenne Miniatures museum houses an extensive collection of dolls houses and room boxes built up over 50 years of international travel and collecting. The largest item is a large 12-room 20th century family home in a Georgian house with American furniture dating back to the 1960s There is also an eight-room medieval wizard's castle with furniture by noted artisans including Barry Hipwell, and an armoury by Tony Knot, aswell as 'Santa's Workshop '- a five room house for Mr and Mrs Claus and their elves, a Breton fisherman's cottage and a 2 room Gothic gatehouse.

Shops include a teddy bear shop with more than 350 miniature bears, a four story antiques emporium featuring European, American, and oriental sections, as well as childrens' toys, a 4-roomed 'Southwest' restaurant with gift shop with American Indian artwork and pottery from Arizona, a 2-room cat themed shop packed with hundreds of unusual items depicting cats, a large Alpine Christmas shop with furniture and decorative items by Karen Markland and other well-known American and European artists, an Edwardian hat shop, a market stall kiosk selling copper kitchenware, and a 1930s delicatessan as well as a Parisian chocolate shop and a cupcake bakery with a clock shop above, a French home decor shop by Michelle LeBoutellier and a French Easter shop.

Other roomboxes include the 'Elegant Entryway' scene built in a Brooke Tucker workshop, a Christmas fireside scene, a map collecting gentleman's library, an English farmhouse kitchen, a modern office, a Victorian 'palmhouse' conservatory, ballet costume-mistress' workshop, 'The Year of the Cat' - a feline new year's party eve scene, an art deco vignette, a Russian palace bedroom, 'Kitty's dream Caribbean bedroom' ,a Valentine's Day vignette in a lantern and many other unique displays with fine scale work from all over the world.

Smaller scale miniatures include a specially commissioned mouse house by Sans Robinson of Rosie Duck designs, two 1/144th scale houses by Nell Corkin, a thatched cottage and a three story 'poacher's cottage' in 1/24th scale, plus two roomboxes in 1/16th scale with vintage Strombecker furniture, as well as a small collection of houses by David Winter and Lilliput Lane.

The museum also displays a small collection of miniature teddy bears and currently has on loan a roombox and three houses made by the noted miniature plant artist Georgina Steeds. These include a modern florist's shop with a two storey flat above, a 1940s wartime house and a double fronted shop containing a butcher and baker, with a tea room and fortune teller's parlor above.

The displays have extra decorations added for major holidays such as Easter and Christmas. More houses and roomboxes are in preparation and will be added to the collection over time.

Several of these items have been featured in specialist collector magazines such as Nutshell News, Home Miniaturist, International Dolls House News, and Dollshouse and Miniature Scene (February 2009), and Dollouse Magazine (February 2010).

Bear Shop

Edward's Bears

Wizards' Academy

The wizards' academy

Cat shop

Pas de Chat

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen